Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Calling all Suggestions!

Okay, team! I need to flesh out Project #7, and need some suggestions. It will begin just after April 15, so I would like to get it set up within the next week. Prior scheduling has fallen through a bit.

I had a suggestion for North Carolina by a person who is no longer a participant in the project.

I had a suggestion for Wisconsin, but the person suggesting has not been an active participant, so I am still not settled on that state's suggestion.

PurpleMoose made a suggestion for California Lilybugs, but I don't know if we have any members near there.

So, up to now, I have structured the months so that we would have a volunteer coordinator collect, tally, and deliver for us. The perks were that we got an accurate count and some nice photos. This method required that we have suggestions for charities near the home of someone who was willing to be a volunteer.

Since I don't have any current volunteers, and am stalled on projects and states, I think we are going to change it up a bit. We can coordinate with the charity directly, and mail our items to the organization (attn: to whomever is our contact there), with tags that say Sharing Our Gifts, and ask that they hold them all in a group until the end of the month (we specify the date) and then they can tally for us and give us a final count. This will ensure delivery date and relieve the burdens of volunteer coordinating. If the organizations are willing, we might ask them for a final photo of the items as a group.

What do you think?
Do we want to do Lilybugs in CA for this next project, and just deal directly with a member of the organization?

That is the direction in which I am leaning
...suggestions appreciated.

We have decided to move forward with the current structure in place. We are still going to have a volunteer editor each month to collect, tally, and deliver items to the charity organization. We may have project #7 covered in Colorado with a volunteer coordinator in place. We are working to locate a non-profit in Denver, Colorado that accepts and distributes helmet liners for troops. Stay tuned!

We have had a generous offer by PurpleMoose in Alaska to receive, tally, and ship all items from Alaska to the project state if we lack a volunteer at any time. I hope we do not have to take her up on that offer, but I am grateful all the same.

Happily awaiting all suggestions from all states,
and volunteer(s) offering to coordinate those state(s).

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