Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I am pleased with the momentum we have gained since we began in September, 2009. Every now and then, I do a Google search for various terms that might include us. Today, I searched for "sharing our gifts" and found that we are in the #1 slot, as well as occupying places #8 and #9 on the same page.

I then searched for "sharing our gifts across America" and found a very nice article and review of our projects up to this current one (Project #3). It was written by Nellie on December 10, 2009. I love the thorough review and the inspirational tone of the article. It is entitled: Sharing Our Gifts Across America -- A Knitting Charity that Inspires.

It begins thus: "Learn about a knitting charity that crosses state lines to reach out to those in need." She goes on to discuss how knitting for charity really is a gift, and says that "When you knit for charity, you touch the lives of others in ways you didn't think possible." It is true! It may feel insignificant to you when you are making and sending off your one measly hat, or even a few items. I know it sometimes feels to me like it is just not enough.

But when combined with that one other hat from another knitter, and those two scarves from another knitter, and a crocheted pair of mittens or slippers from another individual, it adds up and makes a difference. These are gifts worth giving. I am inspired all over again when I see the items shared by others of this group project, or when I read encouraging articles like the one by Nellie.

She outlines each of our first three projects and shares links to our blog, as well as giving my email address for anybody who might wish to join us. Thank you, Nellie, for the recognition and sharing of our project.

Visit Nellie the Knittin' Nut at KnittingForCharity.org. She has many tips and links and information about how to begin knitting for charity. She has free patterns. She has instructions, supplies, techniques, and even a post about how to knit for charity if you cannot knit. Her focus is knitting because she is a knitter, but certainly crocheters are welcome and encouraged to create for charity also!

Giving across state lines...
I like it!


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