Thursday, December 31, 2009

For the love of Ravelry

Ravelry is THE knit and crochet community on the Internet. It is the wonderful place where all fiber fanatics can park themselves in soft, luxurious comfort. It is easy to set up one's own little corner of the yarny universe and to share knowledge, patterns, photos, and thoughts.

Questions are answered. Pattern help is just a keyboard click away. Like-minded folk are waiting to form fiber friendships that often spill out into the brick and mortar world. Patterns, patterns, patterns, free and for purchase, can be found in abundance. People, people, people shop, swap, and share in groups.

It is because of the existence of Ravelry that my Sharing Our Gifts Across America project has even been able to accomplish its first modest goals. Almost every person who has donated to the project has been a member of the Sharing Our Gifts group on Ravelry. A few have found us in other ways, but the lion's share of help has been from Ravelry.

I am happy to have found this wonderful website when I was just a newbie knitter, and I have had nothing but positive experiences there. If you happen to be one of those who is not yet on Ravelry, or who has never been there, you must go and have a look.

Once there, you can join the group, share your stash, peruse the huge database of patterns, and even participate in the Ravelympics in February.

See you there!


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