Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Another donation received for Project #1!

Kae of Kae1Creations is a very busy woman! She makes helmet liners for troops like there is no tomorrow, keeps a blog, maintains an Etsy shop, and still finds time to make and send a generous donation to the Veterans of Southern Oregon for our little project. Amazing!

All one has to donate for my project is one item, but Kae sent two hats and two pair of slippers - in matching sets!! If you are able to multitask and need another charity project to support, give the helmet liners page a look. I will be sending one her way for the current challenge.

Thanks, Kae!

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Nancy said...

Oh so colorful and pretty! Great job, Kae! I'm still plugging along. No knitting yesterday or today since I had a cortisone shot in the thumb of left hand. Tomorrow I'll be back at it or I might be brave and do some tonight...