Friday, September 4, 2009

Project #1, Southern Oregon Veterans

Another day down, and I am happy to report that we have 40 members in our Ravelry group, 23 of whom have left messages on the forum to chime in and let us know what they will be making. I have not seen much activity on Twitter or on Blog Catalog, and only have one new member at the Yahoo Group.

If you are on Twitter, help get the buzz going by tweeting this post and adding the hashtag #sharingourgifts. Pop in on the Yahoo Group, Ravelry, or Blog Catalog and announce your participation. Or just leave a comment here and I will get you on the roster.

We have suggestions for projects in Alaska, Oklahoma, Indiana, Arizona, Virginia, South Carolina, and North Carolina so far. Project # 2 has been decided, and tentatively, we have 3, 4, 5, & 6 in the works. If you have a suggestion for any of the remaining states, or even an alternate suggestion for a state just mentioned, let me know! Comment on this post or any of the forums, or send me an email.

Again, thank you to all who have signed up to participate thus far.
There is plenty of room for more, so jump on in...



erin, maker of chimes said...

This is exciting! There will be a post on the NCTriangle Etsy team's blog ( on Tuesday about this project. Hopefully it'll help encourage some of the North Carolina crafters to join in on your projects!

Sinclair said...

Thank you! Happy to have you on board with the project and spreading the word.