Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Change The World Wednesday

It's time again for Change The World Wednesday, brought to you by Reduce Footprints. This week, the challenge goes as follows:

Today's challenge was suggested by Kelli at Thoughts of a Sober White Women. She calls this the "No Spending Diet" and says that she has been on this diet for a year. Wow ... that's fabulous! Now, I know that a lot of people, here in Artisans, are hoping to sell their products so ... we'll just keep this challenge between us and not share it with your customers. :) Here we go:

For one entire week, put yourself on a "No Spending Diet" ... don't buy anything new (except for food, health and safety products). No new clothes ... no new shoes ... no new gizmos or gadgets ... forget about a new car, new furniture or new appliances ... nothing new for one week!

If you're already on a no spending diet, all or most of the time, be sure to visit Reduce Footprints at for the "advanced challenge".

If you're wondering why a "No Spending Diet" is good for the earth, check out The Story of Stuff. It's a brilliant video!

So, beginning today, and ending next Tuesday night at midnight (at least) I will purchase nothing new (except food, health, and safety products). We mostly already live this way, but the other day, I did have to replace some hose washers, a hose end, and two hose sprayers. These were new, because the ones I was replacing were YEARS old, and were causing water loss through leakage.

Do you already try to limit the purchase of new items? Can you do it for one full week? Even if somebody slipped and did purchase something new once, if all people would be more conscious of their daily choices and look at life through their "Change The World" lenses, the earth would benefit, and I think our collective physiological health would improve.

How do you avoid buying new if you REALLY need something? Check all your local thrift and consignment stores, Craigslist, Freecycle, local yard sales, and local bulletin boards. If you don't find your item already listed, place a 'wanted' listing. Ask friends and neighbors. Be creative.

If you need further inspiration, visit one of my newest favorite blogs, These Days in French Life, and read about her 'slow year' that just ended.

Happy savoring the goodness of conscious living!


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