Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Change the World Wednesday

It's time again for Change the World Wednesday, brought to you by Reduce Footprints.

Here is her challenge:

"Earlier this week, President Obama announced a plan to make lighting our homes and businesses more energy efficient (you can read about it HERE). So, let's do our part: Replace at least one incandescent bulb in your home with either a CFL or LED bulb.

OR ... if you've already replaced the bulbs in your home with energy efficient varieties, write a post about CFLs and LEDs and then ... contact five (5) new blogs (blogs which you've never visited before) and invite them to join the challenge by visiting your site.

Okay ... just a quick reminder on the "rules". The idea is to get as many people as possible joining in ... I believe if we all do the same green activity during the same week, we'll have an impact. So, let everyone know ... advertise ... post about it ... email your friends and family ... talk about it ... snatch the "Change The World Wednesday" badge on my site and post it on yours ... encourage everyone you can reach to join the challenge. And don't forget to leave a comment so we can add you to the Honor Society. We're changing the world ... one challenge at a time. Are you ready?"

Personally, I am not behind CFLs because they use mercury, and their disposal is difficult and possibly dangerous. I don't think there is enough awareness of the fact that you CANNOT just throw them in the trash, and [many] people are not often willing to hold items for any length of time just to figure out how/when/where they can offload them. The reality is that MANY MANY MANY of these will end up in regular trash bins and landfills. While they use less energy, I do not believe their benefit outweighs their risk.

I might like LED technology, and they seem to be more environmentally friendly on the back end. However, their cost is currently offputting to people, and their glow is hard on my eyes. So, I am off to do more research, and I will update the post when I find some good information...

Here are some initial findings:

This is why LED’s are the light bulbs of the future
Don's Green Store for a 5 pack of LED bulbs:;jsessionid=907335275A11185C6683D3E3544C9FB2.qscstrfrnt04

$3.00 LED bulb:
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Personally, I think incandescents should stay.


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Small Footprints said...

Yes, there are concerns with using CFLs ... my personal feelings, however, are that they are safe for home use, even in the unlikely case that they are broken. The key, in my mind, to using them is to Recycle them (at places like Home Depot) and education about what to do if they do, indeed, break.

I've read that they are coming up with non-mercury CFLs ... I'd definitely switch to those or LEDs, when they become more appropriate for home lighting (they currently seem to be more directional than flooding a room with light).

I look forward to your further research!

Small Footprints