Sunday, February 19, 2017

Project (2) #28: MIssouri, Della Lamb

Official project dates: Feb. 1 - March 15, 2017 - For Della Lamb in Missouri

What does Della Lamb do? Provides low-income families with early education, child care, youth services, adult services, adult education, transportation, emergency social services, international refugee services, Elementary Charter School education, back-to-school supplies, Thanksgiving groceries and Christmas groceries and gifts.

Della Lamb Mabee Multi-Purpose Center and other Della Lamb youth sites offer educational, athletic, recreational, and cultural activities as well as drug and violence preventative programming for children and youth ages 5-18. In addition, it operates satellite centers throughout the inner city, including an Adult Education Center, Social Services, Transportation Center, and an Elementary Charter School.

What are we making? We are told that Della Lamb would like anything we could make for all ages, male and female alike. She did mention that they like new hats to reduce the instances of lice transfer (an unfortunate reality among families who have to share hats).

For inspiration on what to make, head over to our Ravelry forum and the QUEUE KAL/CAL Thread and join in!

Where to mail?  If you join us through our Ravelry forum, you can private message me for the address of our group's collection and delivery person.  If you are simply wanting to mail your items and not join in on the Ravelry forum this month, mail to:

Administrative Offices, Early Education Child Care and Social Services
500 Woodland Ave.
Kansas City, MO 64106

Please remember to add the Sharing Our Gifts tag to all items so they know where to direct them.

Thank you!


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