Monday, March 18, 2013

Project #37: Arkansas, Warming Families

It is time to spread the warmth to the state of Arkansas. From February 15 to March 15, we will be making items for the Compassion Center: Hats and scarves. Sweaters and sweater vests would also be appreciated, but not required for this project. All sizes are needed. Dark colors preferred. Most of the people receiving items live on the streets and in the woods, so items that don’t need special laundry care are best. This means that the best fibers for these items will be acrylic, acrylic blends, and super wash wool. If an abundance of children’s sizes are received, some might be held back for later in the year for their Christmas party. Last year, they had over 300 children for the party, and were happy to have the warm clothing. If other items such as lap throws, afghans, and shawls are donated, there are other local locations that could use those also. I am told the the only thing that they don’t have a use for is mittens and gloves. This project has officially ended, but items are always accepted. Email me for mailing information if you wish to contribute. Please remember to tag items with the Sharing Our Gifts tag. Thank you for participating! Happy Creating! Photobucket

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mothers day present ideas said...

What a wonderful project. Love that you are sharing your talents with the less fortunate