Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Project #25: West Virginia, Appalachian Outreach, Inc.

I hope you have all had a wonderful and relaxing holiday season. Now it is drawing to a close, and it is time to look forward to the new year ahead. I am excited that we begin the new year at the exact halfway mark in our 50 states journey.

WE HAVE REACHED OUR 25TH PROJECT!!! (cue the confetti and noise makers)

Beginning on January 15 and going through February 15, we will be creating items for those in need in the Appalachian region of West Virginia. We will be partnering with the Outreach to Appalachia group on Ravelry and sending baby items to Appalachian Outreach, Inc.

Appalachian Outreach is a charitable relief and support organization. The mission of Appalachian Outreach is to help relieve the burden of poverty and the loss of dignity suffered by the people of Appalachia who, through no fault of their own, struggle to meet the basic needs of daily life.

The need is great. The request is simple. This month, they need baby items of all types. Any pattern is acceptable. Sizes are to be from newborn to 2T. Yarn fiber content and color is your choice.

This means hats, booties, cuddle sacks, bibs, socks, toys, blankets, and any other layette items. Think bath time, nap time, play time, feeding time, and dressing time. If you would like pattern or specific suggestions, just email me and I will point you in a direction.
Though our projects and our mission are about sending HANDMADE items to those in need, the need for many other items is very great in the Appalachian region. If you are able to contribute any other items on the wish list at Appalachian Outreach, Inc., I encourage you to sent them as well.

As always, please print the "Sharing Our Gifts" printable by clicking on the link at the top left and attach one to each item that you send.

Send to:
Appalachian Outreach, Inc.
1012 Grand View Road
Glen Dale WV 26038

THANK YOU TO ALL WHO HAVE PARTICIPATED IN THESE PROJECTS! Without you, there would be less needs met in these United States of America. I look forward to another 25 states with you.

Happy Creating.!
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