Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Project #16: Ohio, Touching Little Lives

This project begins February 15 and goes to March 15. We will be making infant items for Touching Little Lives (TLL). Read to the bottom for mailing instructions...

This month, we will be making items for tiny new humans in need. Here is some information about the mission of Touching Little Lives:

"It's a simple fact that many of Ohio's newborns lack the basic necessities to assist them in developing and sustaining good health. A warm blanket and clothing are vital to a newborn to retain body heat. These simple items can make the difference in an infant's ability to ward off other illnesses which could develop, necessitating return hospital stays that could have been prevented and adding to the already high cost. Our mission is to 'touch the little lives' of needy premature and newborn infants in Ohio, to do all that we can to give them, free of any charge, the necessities that every newborn needs. Our volunteers hand make **quilts, blankets, caps, booties, gowns, undershirts, afghans, bibs, sleepers**, and other articles."

This project allows for a good deal of variety in what we choose to make, and I will leave it up to each of you to make what you like from the list above. Additionally, TLL uses surgery dolls to help children transition from surgical procedure through recovery with an item of security. They say:

"Our surgery dolls are used by doctors and nurses to draw on and graphically explain to a young child about their pending surgery. This helps the child understand what he or she is about to undergo. This doll is then given to the child, something to hold on to during the stressful hospital stay and something to take with when they are finally able to return home. We make stuffed animals and these are provided to various area agencies and emergency rooms. Having something soft to cling to during a time of stress can do much to ease the trauma of a young child."

TLL offers photo examples of the items they need, as well as providing patterns for sewing, knitting and crochet of the items. They give sizing information as well as needle and yarn suggestions.

Soft cotton and soft acrylics are best for this project. Let me know if you have questions.

Our Fearless Volunteer Collector/Delivery person for this project is [knitsforpits]. Your items can be mailed to:
This project has finished. If you would like to send an item, please email me for the mailing address.
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