Saturday, December 19, 2009

Project #2 has been delivered!

Purplemoose of Ravelry has delivered our donations to the Lee Shore Center! They were very happy to receive such a generous helping of warm goodies from all of you wonderful participants. Thank you for your ongoing support.

I love that we have made a difference in the lives of others just by doing something we already love to do. It is like sending bits of love to float around in the universe where they will bump into other bits and spread a little happiness.The final count:

Hats: 30
Mitten pairs: 13
Scarves: 3
Headbands: 3
Slippers: 2 pair

I know we are all busy through the holidays,
but I thank you all for your donations and for
joining in this project with me!



Sandy said...

Joined only recently and will be able to just squeak in under the wire to get a donation in for the December project (3), but am wondering what the January project is. I always like to think ahead...helps when reviewing yarn and planing.

Is it here and I'm just not finding it? Was looking for a calendar or

Hadn't come across your blog when on EC, so was surprised when I got here today via RAV. Dropped while here, it's my Travel Blog that's connected to EC, not The Bridge and Beyond. Hadn't even thought about adding it to EC...maybe I should? Do you feel like it's help you spread the word?

Might suggest too that you broaden your comment area to include name and url, so people blogging in different mediums/blogspaces can communicate. For now, I can only due the generic google thing.

Anonymous said...

I am very inspired by your works! What a beautiful kindness you are spreading! I just came across your blog today!

Sandy said...

finally made it to the post office today for project 3, should arrive in a couple of days.