Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Have you heard of Bark 'n Knit? (barknknit)

Well, I had not heard of it until recently when we were featured on BarknKnit podcast #37.
It was all so very exciting!
Now, I am down with listening to each new podcast installment.
Gnat has even joined our Sharing Our Gifts Across America
project. Thanks, Gnat!

Episode 38 is out, entitled "Twilight Month Has Arrived."

There is even a contest going on right now, and the prize is a

set of Twilight inspired Batts from Mandalinn Knits & Spins.

To enter, you must take a quiz. Admittedly, I know nothing about


so I scored a whopping 50%!

Gnat says on the podcast that there will be three quizzes...

So, go take a visit to BarknKnit, where you will find

podcasts, shopping, forums, patterns,

and lots of doggy antics.


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