Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Change The World Wednesday

Another Change the World Wednesday challenge from Reduce Footprints:

This one came from our bloggy friend, Ange, who writes a wonderful blog called Signed by Ange. In a note she said "A tip for next week (one that is close to my heart): ZERO food wastage! Get into creative cooking with left overs and only buying what we need to feed the family. Often we have more in the pantry than we realize! And for Mums - that doesn't mean we have to eat the kids' leftovers off their plates ;-)".

So let's take her up on that challenge:

This week, don't waste any food. Buy only what is needed for your family. If you cook more than what's necessary, get creative with left-overs. If left-overs don't appeal to your family, cook only enough for one meal. Don't toss out any food ... and don't let it spoil in the refrigerator. Zero Food Waste!

OR ..

If you're already a zero food waste chef, then share some of your more creative meals in a post.

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