Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I am behind on photos...

I have been remiss in showcasing the donations here on the blog over the last week or so...

So, here is a combined photo of those that I had received and not yet shared:

The striped and green hats were all from the same person, plus I have realized that I left out the pair of slippers from her that were also in the box. Thank you! The two pair of slippers shown were from two different individuals. Thank you!

The three hats on the top left were from Purple Moose on Ravelry, who will be our acting coordinator for project #2 (soon to be announced!). Thank you!

I will be listing the rest of the donations I picked up yesterday over the next few days as we draw this project to a close. Deadline for this project is October 25, and I will be announcing Project #2 on October 25 as well.

Happy creating!


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