Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Change The World Wednesday

Challenges Brought to you by Reduce Footprints:

This week's challenge comes from our friend, Amy, at The Wayland Springs Cook. Since this seems to be the time of year when a lot of people get their cars ready for winter ... it seemed like a perfect challenge. Here we go:

This week give your car a little TLC. Check tire pressures and make sure that they are at the manufacturer's recommended levels. Check the air filter and change it if necessary. Fix any oil and/or radiator leaks. Give your car a general "check up" ... a properly running car will minimize it's impact on the earth and it'll keep you safe.

Or ...

Write a post about Eco-friendly transportation. Need a couple of ideas? Consider a post about alternatives to driving, or perhaps an article on how to minimize the environmental impact of using a car.

So what do you think? Is it doable?


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