Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Change The World Wednesday

(if you are new to the challenge, click the logo above to go to Reduce Footprints' site)

I must admit that I have been less than diligent in recent weeks about following the challenges every day of the week. However, I am happy to report that I did not use any plastic wrap or foil last week, but instead I did use shower caps to cover food. (Though they are plastic, they are not plastic wrap.) I keep these on hand for covering leftovers in bowls (glass bowls) in the fridge. I got them new, in their packaging, over a period of years. I wash and REUSE them, so they do not offend green living principles. Weird? Maybe. But they are great for covering rising bread dough.

This week, MY SUGGESTED CHALLENGE is featured, so I will have to step it up in the diligence category! How have you been faring?

This week's challenge was suggested by two people ... Judi from Living Green & Natural (a Delphi Forum) and Sinclair at Sharing Our Gifts. I think it's a great idea ... and, because I'm sure that there is always a need, there won't be two levels to this challenge. Here we go: Put on your walking shoes because this week we're going to walk ... not just idle walking ... we're going to clean as we go.

Yep, this week, please go for a walk ... at least once ... and pick up litter as you go. If you're feeling ambitious, go every day. Once you've got your bag of litter, recycle what can be recycled before tossing the rest in the trash bin.
Isn't that a great challenge? Not only will we get some exercise and breathe in some fresh, fall air ... we'll be cleaning up trash as we go. We can all agree that litter is an eye-sore ... but if you're wondering why litter is bad for the environment, read about it HERE. *************************

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