Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Change The World Wednesday

How did you do with the challenge this week? I avoid chemical cleaners at home by using soap nuts for my laundry, and a lot of baking soda, lemon, and vinegar for other cleaning needs. I purchase my bar soap from Sappo Hill, a local soap maker that adds no crazy ingredients. Sometimes I use Natural Value biodegradable, perfume and dye free laundry soap and Attitude perfume and dye free dish liquid.

The place where I fell short was in the window cleaning department. I could have used vinegar, but we already had some window cleaner (purchased by another family member over a year ago) to use up, so I used it instead of vinegar. Oops!

On to this week's challenge:

Okay ... are you ready for a new challenge? This one combines a couple of suggestions made by amybyrd21 (aka waylandcook) at The Wayland Springs Cook. Here you go:

This week, turn your trash bin into the smallest container in the house by starting a compost bin and/or a recycle bin.

Or, if you're already a composter and recycler, write a post about it. Include information on what works for you and what doesn't, tips on how to be successful at it, and perhaps why it's preferable over sending stuff to a landfill.

Happy world changing!

Also, if you Twitter, please retweet this post and add the hashtag #changetheworldwed.

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Viv said...

I don't use conventional cleaners either, but, my choices aren't as eco friendly as yours, I'm afraid. I use Seventh Generation and Mrs. Meyers products in the kitchen and bathrooms. I use an all natural laundry detergent and hydrogen peroxide based bleach for our clothes. My favorite new find are the Seventh Generation dishwasher tablets, they get my dishes clean and they don't leave any funky residue which is a problem that I've had with other eco fiendly dishwasher soaps I've tried.