Friday, June 12, 2009

Featured Etsian Friday

(photo source)
I bought the above item from Planet Playground in early May. It is so cute! Planet Playground is a member of the Etsy team, EcoEsty. The team is dedicated to eco-friendliness and sharing tips and knowledge to that end.

The quality of the item I received is very good, and the packaging was very eco-frienly. It came wrapped in a sheet of tissue paper inside a re-used Tyvek envelope. Enclosed was a note to remember to reuse or repurpose the packaging instead of throwing it in the trash bin.

This seller has a degree in fashion design, and her mission statement is "to provide unique fashions to our youth without sacrificing the world in which we live." Her description of the items in here shop is as follows: "Planet Playground provides you with Victorian Inspired clothing using upcycled (vintage) and organic fabrics for infants and toddlers."

This seller is extremely friendly and willing to work with certain requests. I highly recommend giving her a try if you are looking for eco-friendly, fun, well made clothing for a child.

Go take a look...


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