Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kind Notes

In 2002, I made Mr. Nature a "love notes" box for Valentine's Day. It was a paper cylindrical box with a lid, and in it I placed (about 200? I forget the actual number) strips of paper with a note on each one inside. This way, he could reach in each day for a very long time, and have a nice thought from me. I made up every one, and it took some doing!

So, the other day, I ran across this site called Kind Notes, and I thought it a perfect site to share with you, especially with Father's Day fast approaching. Kind Notes is really fun and unique because it gives you customization options. You can choose the vessel, the number of notes, the type of notes, and whether you want them pre-printed or blank.

Most fathers are sure to need little notes of thankfulness and encouragement at some time or other. It is certainly something unique that most do not already possess. Take a look!


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