Friday, May 29, 2009

Green your space with Hemp

Some small ways to green your space might include choosing hemp fabric for home decor items, clothing, kitchen towels, and bath scrubbies. Hemp is an affordable, quickly renewable, easily biodegradable resource that is naturally mildew resistant. It is also strong and durable, yet breathable as a fabric. This makes it ideal for placing on floors and windows as well as your body.

Hemp Sisters is a good source for hemp handbags, hats, and hammocks. They also carry hemp clothing, hemp and cotton twine, and other green products. is a wonderful source for hemp home decor and much, much more. Rawganique is a family run business located on Denman Island. It was born of a family's effort to slow down, nurture the earth, and begin to tread more lightly on the environment. It offers bed, bath, kitchen and home products, as well as twine, rope, and clothing. In addition, it offers many eco books, organic cotton products, and raw foods.

Hemp goes so far as to say that many "believe that the plant has the capacity to reverst the Greenhouse Effect; as well as aid in purifying the air, water, and soil." That is quite a ringing endorsement for its use! Even if it goes only part of the way to fulfilling that projection, it is certainly a beneficial plant. Hemp is a much more cost effective source for papermaking, yields four times more fiber than a pine tree, and requires no pesticides in growing and cultivation. In addition, it can be used to make plastic without petro chemicals.The above hand-woven rug is crafted from 100% hemp fibers, and is available at Chic, stylish, economical, and eco friendly hemp can help you geen every space in your home.


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