Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Giving and receiving

I recently made my mom some of my homemade bread.This bread is so simple and so yummmy that I just had to share. I gave her a loaf of rye in addition to the sampling of white (above). She is always sending me things in the mail or gathering things that we might want when we visit her. I call her often, but am really behind in returning her gifts and showing my gratitude. Today, I received another little gift from my mom in the form of a handmade thank you card.She draws and paints, and this is a design she created in 1996. She has been giving and sending me cards since I was in junior high school. When we lived in the same house, she would leave them on my bed or even send them to me in the mail. I have always loved her cards, and it is a simple way for her to let me know she is thinking of me.

I used to be an avid sender of cards and letters (snail mail). With the growth of the internet, I have done this less and less in recent years. I am reminded today that I need to spend more time handwriting cards and letters to let friends and family know I am thinking of them and that I care about them. Nothing says it like a handmade card (made yourself or purchased from an artisan) with a handwritten inscription.

Take the plunge! Share your thoughts and love
with snail mail...

If you need a place to purchase handmade, try one of these:
1000 Markets
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